Microsoft CRM 2013 Upgrades and Training

If you are looking to upgrade to CRM 2013, we can help! We have many years of experience in upgrading CRM, right back to CRM v1.0. We can provide:

Microsoft CRM Upgrade Support

We can work with you or your IT department to assist in the process for upgrading to CRM 2013 from planning through to completion including:

  • Environment assessment (Hardware and Software)
  • New functionality
  • Review of existing customisations and legacy code
  • Upgrade testing and deployment
  • Upgrade Training
  • Go-live support
  • Post upgrade support

Microsoft CRM 2013 Upgrade Training

All our courses can be tailored to meet your needs but our standard, half day course covers the following:

  • Dynamics CRM 2013 New Features
  • Accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Navigation Bar
  • Accessing Areas
  • Accessing Related Records
  • Record Pop-Out
  • Quick Create
  • Business Process Flows
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