Windows Intune

Microsoft Windows Intune allows you to keep your PC’s and your people working at their best no matter the time or the place. It allows you to manage and secure your computers in an environment that combines cloud services and upgrade licensing. It also delivers management through the cloud and gives you security capabilities through one web-based administrative console. You can manage your computers from almost anywhere with Windows Intune.

The cloud services that come with Microsoft Windows Intune allow you to simplify the way your business secures and manages its PCs to allow computers and users to function at the highest standard of performance without damaging the essential costs, control, compliance or security. Intune allows you to simplify administration so that your IT staff can perform updates, organise malware protection and manage inventory via the web. It will also increase IT productivity allowing you to complete tedious management responsibilities quickly and effectively.


  • Access your PCs from almost anywhere.
  • Takes advantage of newer cloud technology that allows you to access files from other computers files from multiple locations at once.
  • Takes into account your documents security and allows you to give all of your PCs malware protection further decreasing virus/malware possibilities.
  • Microsoft Windows Intune scales with the needs of your business depending on your wants and needs as it instantly scales to the amount of PCs you have.
  • With Windows Intune with Software Assurance, users gain upgrade rights to the latest version of Windows and future versions.

Get Microsoft Windows Intune from £3.90 per user per month or £7.20 per user per month with Software Assurance!

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