Web Live Chat for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM this allows your agents to live chat with your customers online and record the interaction back to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as leads or cases.

Features include:

Co-browsing: You can redirect visitors to the page they are looking for.

Shortcuts: You can set this canned responses for the most common responses, this will help your agents to avoid typing every time the same response for the typical questions.

Team Chat: Your agents can chat between them inside the chat portal, useful when they are not sure about a response and can ask the other agents inside the same tool.
Sneak Peek: You can see what your visitors are typing before they hit send, so this way your agents can start looking for the answer and respond faster to your visitors questions.
Agent Assignment: This option will reduce the amount of missed chats, you can set it up that if one of your agents doesn’t respond to the first message of a chat then it will be reassigned to the next available agent and the system can also pause the agent that didn’t respond, to avoid missing more chats. 
Survey: You can have a post chat survey so your visitors can rate your agents and also add a comment.
Analytics:  Analyse agent chats, user details and pages visited.
File transfer: As an agent you can request a chat from your visitors and also you can send them one
Call me:  You can show the call me button so your visitors can call your agent if they need further assistance. 

Branding: Customise the branding of your chat window to match site theme.

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