Microsoft CRM Online Backup and Restore

We’re excited to learn that Microsoft have given Dynamics CRM Online administrators the power to Backup & Restore CRM organisations.

Up until MSCRM 2016 Update 1, there was no way within CRM Online to back up your instance without using a 3rd party solution. Microsoft back up every organisation nightly but performing a restore meant raising a ticket with Microsoft Support which in our experience didn’t always occur as quickly as desired. With 2016 Update 1, you can now manage your backups in CRM Online Administration Center. As with evert new feature there are some limitations, but what do you actually get?

You get visibility of a daily system backup, kept for 3 days, you also get an option to create a Backup on demand, called User backup (Automated backups are shown as system backups) and as a User you can select which components of the system you would like to back up (for instance customisation only or full backup). User backups are also kept for 3 days. Backups do not use your CRM Online storage space!

Limitations include:
Backup cannot be exported;
Backup can only be done from Production instance;
Backup can only be restored to Sandbox instance;
Backup can only be created/restored Online (no on-premise option);
There is no option to manually schedule backups.

So in the MSCRM Online world now you don’t have to contact MS Support to get a database restored and you can take a backup before getting a system upgrade and restore it to original version if the upgrade has an undesired affect.

Have you considered upgrading to Dynamics CRM Upgrade 1?

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