Dynamics CRM exposing related information on forms

It can a be a bit weird, but only recently I was asked if Dynamics CRM Case entity can display Customer Orders on the form? As there’s no direct link between Case and Order entity and no real need to create a manual one (as it would require additional field population), I thought of using Quick View form to achieve it. Guess what – it worked. Going a bit more in to detail how it was set up:

  • Create new Quick view form on Account entity.
  • Create a desired view on Order entity.
  • Add Order subgrid to the new Account Quick view from with new created view from Order entity.
  • Add Quick view Account form on to Case main form.

The nice thing is that you can do the same for Contact Entity and Case form will only display one that is filled in to Customer field (unless you expose and fill in both Account and Customer fields). The pleasant surprise was that Quick view form subgrid can be sorted and linked through to the record from the main form.

Hope that this finding helps someone.

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