Microsoft CRM Consultancy

Ad-hoc/Agile Consultancy

This flexible approach allows you to hire a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for a short period of time (such as half a day or a number of days) enabling you to meet a specific business objective. This delivers immediate results creating a fast ROI for your Microsoft CRM investment.
This package is popular with Microsoft Partners and customers who are already using Microsoft CRM but are looking to maximise their efficiency or add a new area of functionality.

Project-based/fixed-fee consultancy

Microsoft CRM is not just a software package; it is a solution which models your business processes and as such user engagement is the key to success. Our team will work with your key users and provide a fully tailored Microsoft CRM project to guide you through the complete implementation process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development

We have a team of developers who write custom code for Microsoft CRM. This includes client side code (JavaScript) and server side plugins written in .NET.

Looking for a single view of your customer? We help our customers and partners optimise their investments in Microsoft CRM and Office 365.  We provide Dynamics solutions to companies and organisations across the North of England and UK.